The Gift of Perspective

Every once in a while I remember to stop and take stock.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it comes it fills my soul again in a brand new way.Life has a way of filling up way too full and leaving us feeling overstretched and overwhelmed.  We can get a little lost as we try to navigate the ordinary and often mundane stuff of going to work, raising families, studying, keeping homes…. or whatever our particular strain of ordinary life looks like.  We can become tired.  Our dreams get smaller, our sense of adventure and fun diminishes, and our capacity to risk the ‘reach’ for things that are still beyond us becomes increasingly restricted.  We can all too easily forget who we were going to become when the world was our oyster and real life had yet to take it’s toll.

There is just one problem.  We weren’t made to live that way.

The reason that way of living leaves us feeling like we’ve ended up in a dead end street is because Jesus came to give us LIFE.  When Jesus talks about giving us life He means life in it’s crazy fullness, bubbling with hope, brimming with adventure and excitement.  He revealed what the Father was like when He was here.  We have a God who loves to laugh and dance, He loves to party and include people who find themselves on the outside of things.  He clearly shows us that this journey we are on goes from ‘glory to glory’!!!  We live in the context of eternity, something that we can’t quite get our heads around just now, and yet there is an innate part in each one of us resonant with it’s truth.  We were created with a deep ‘knowing’ that there is more; that the ‘good old days’ are always ahead of us, even when we reach the end of our days on this earth.  And the wild thing is that this generous, fun loving, outrageously happy, extravagantly abundant, kind, eternal God invites us to grow up to be just like Him!!!

So, what do we do when we recognise the traits of ‘dead end’ thinking creeping into our own hearts? How do we plug our own weary souls into this type of life that Jesus came to bring us? Perspective is a great place to start.

Perspective has an inbuilt habit of stopping and breathing deep; of noticing the treasure in the normal; of remembering that the ordinary of today is yesterday’s dream come true.  It helps us realize that many tomorrows from now, we’ll look back at the gift of today we are holding in our hands right now, and wish that we had noticed it more, that we had cherished the joy of our children, or our health, or our partners…. more.  And that in turn can’t help but bring us to a place of gratitude.  Gratitude is the most fertile soil we can plant our hearts in.  It changes everything.  Victims become heroes; scarred but victorious.  Those broken by life become walking miracles; living stories of redemption.  The bitter taste of failure becomes the fine wine of experience, and the battleground of loss becomes the very place where dreams restored and rescued are visible to all as they rise from the ashes. There IS more. Whether today is one where you feel a little lost in the ordinary, or you’ve noticed your heart get sidelined into the dead end thinking of disappointment, take a moment today to remember perspective. Allow it to lead you to gratitude.  Drink deep in this moment.  Breathe in the goodness that you so easily could miss in the madness.  And don’t forget to dream.  You really were made for more.

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