Original Design

I love the phrase ‘original design’ – it’s a concept that roots and releases, reminding us that we have a Father who crafted and formed us deep within our mother’s wombs, dreaming over us before we were born.  We were planned.  We were longed for.  We were made with destiny coursing through our veins, and given the authority to match.

Each one of us has the image of our Father imprinted on our DNA – we are meant to resemble Him, to carry His mannerisms, to say things the way He does.  I love that!

Whether by design or default, we carry culture.  We ‘infect’ the atmosphere around us wherever we find ourselves.  It’s because we’re just like our Father.

We have been given authority as ‘trusted rulers’ – those who take wisdom from heaven and set it to work in the world.  It looks like life… the type of life that Jesus came to give according to John 10:10, full, vibrant, fully alert, fully engaged life.  It’s because we’re just like our Father.

We spill into every life around us, every person we engage in conversation, every stranger we befriend, every encounter, deep or fleeting – we spill what the Father has poured into us.  It’s because we’re just like Him.

Grace, forgiveness, mercy, purity, joy, generosity, fun, laughter, purpose, light, life – as we spill it, we call it out.  As we mirror heaven, we release it in others.  As we lean into the design as it was originally, those around us, whether slowly or suddenly, realise it’s for them too…. even when they don’t know Jesus yet.  And the mystery…. the more we give away what we’ve been given, the more we find our own hearts filled.

This is the way the Father dreamed it up in the beginning.  This is the way He calls every heart back to home.  This is the way He sets the lonely in families, and ignites purpose in the core of who we are.  This is how He redeems and restores towns and cities, nations and continents.  This is original design.

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